PÖFF : 2021 : BNFF

Festival passes

Who would ever have thought that a Wolf Pass will one day be such hot stuff! May the meaning of a Wolf Pass have as many grey shades as there are wolves in the night, it is quite clear that all the smart PÖFF Wolves will make sure they have one for the festival, so they can hunt for good films at the PÖFF cinemas for half the price. Every PÖFF Wolf will naturally choose their own cinema routes and distances exactly to suit their moods and preferences. However, no one has to wander alone – a Wolf Pass allows you to bring someone along as your ‘Plus One’. The only drawback is that Wolf Passes do not apply to the double seats at the Apollo Solaris Cinema. But no matter, if we look at the figures: below, you can enjoy the beautiful mathematics of adding up how much you can save, and make your choices and get your passes.